The Noble Eightfold Path

Buddha realized this path at his enlightenment and included them in his first
teaching. The Eightfold Path delineates the course of conduct that leads to
happiness. It consists of:

·   Right understanding

·   Right thought

·   Right speech

·   Right action

·   Right livelihood

·   Right effort

·   Right mindfulness

·   Right concentration

In each case, "right" means acting in a way that causes no harm, cuts through
delusion, and expresses a balanced way of working with each of these factors. The
steps are sometimes referred to as "wise understanding", "wise thought," and so on.
Right understanding and right thought are said to lead to the accomplishment of

Right speech, right action, and right livelihood are associated with ethical
conduct. Right effort, right mindfulness, and right concentration describe the
mental discipline required to follow the path of meditation.

From Insight Meditation Workbook by Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein